About G3

A Small Map of Carla B.

 The Gutsy Gals Guide (G3) here on Blogger is the brainchild of Carla T. Nelson Berg (aka Carla B.) (@confluenty on Twitter). 

Carla is a seasoned sci-med-tech commentator, a former page two columnist in the Bay Area suburbs near Silicon Valley, a veteran health communicator, longtime publicist,  strategist and B2B analyst, as well as former host of a buy international forum (Mind-Brain Sciences; CompuServe). Most recently she was lead designer for the new S4PMForum for members of participatorymedicine.org where she again hosted online interviews.

This site will feature Carla's perspectives on constructive change in health and medicine, including the e-patient movement in which patients across the country are becoming more energized and engaged in their own well-being. Carla herself has been using online information to solve medical problems since before the world wide web had a name and has watched the entire unfolding of Internet health from its beginnings.

At G3, Carla will feature guest posts from colleagues alongside her own writing. She and her cohorts are often engaged in social media and the movement towards "Health 2.0." Many met as members of @s4pm, the Society for Participatory Medicine a rapidly growing national non-profit group that helps build bridges between patients, physicians and providers while advancing awareness of patient engagement.

Asked why she picked a "gutsy" theme, Carla attaches a well-known wry grin as she explains it's about finding strength with serenity under stress. People coping with rapid change often find that surviving it sane depends more on moxie than money.